Tips When Travelling with Children for Umrah

by Umrah DIY Team 11 Apr 2024

As parents of young children, it is entirely natural to have concerns about bringing them along for Umrah. While this pilgrimage can indeed be a special and rewarding experience, it requires careful planning and consideration to ensure a hassle-free journey for your whole family! Read on to discover valuable tips and advice specially for those who are travelling with children for Umrah.

  • Be mindful of their needs

As you plan for your trip and craft your itinerary, it is important to prioritise your children’s needs and comfort. For example, when booking your flights, you may consider choosing flights that coincide with their usual sleep times for a smoother journey. You may also opt for a hotel close to the mosques to simplify your travels between prayers. Lastly, ensure that the activities you plan are suitable for your children to make the most out of this journey together!

  • Prioritise their health

Since children are more susceptible to illness, ensure they receive any necessary vaccinations well in advance of your trip. It’s advisable to do this at least a few weeks prior, as some children may experience illness or mild symptoms following a vaccine. Also, remember to pack enough supply of medications for your children to have during the journey.

  • Safety always comes first

Keep your children close and supervise them at all times, especially in crowded places and when near busy roads.

  • Provide entertainment

Children may get bored during long journeys or wait times, so consider bringing along portable games, books, computer tablets or toys to keep them occupied.

  • Educate them

Prepare your children for the cultural differences and the religious significance of Umrah, and explain to them the importance of respect and proper behaviour in the sacred places.

  • Be flexible

Children may have different needs and schedules, so be prepared to adjust your plans and be flexible when necessary.

While it may be challenging to bring your children for Umrah, it can also be a time for families to bond and for your children to develop spiritually and culturally. With proper planning and arrangements, you can make your journey a memorable and hassle-free one.


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