Things to do in Istanbul: the Perfect Getaway


How does a sip of Turkish coffee, a cruise in Bosphorus, or even a Turkish bath sound to you? These are just some of the things to do in Istanbul!


A major city in Turkey that embraces a rich mixture of European and Asian culture, Istanbul was founded during 1000 BC, holding to the traditional values of the Byzantium period and the Ottoman Empire. Today, it is now a modern city that still lives true to its historical culture. Visiting historic landmarks like mosques, cathedrals, and basilicas should be on your list on things to do in Istanbul.


Blue Mosque ( Sultan Ahmet Camii )

Created within 1609 and 1616 during the rule of Ahmed I, the Blue Mosque is famous for the blue tiles surrounding the walls of its interior design. Also, it is one of the historical mosques that can be found in Istanbul. This mosque also contains the tomb of its founder, a madrasa and a hospice. As the Blue Mosque is one of the most famous tourist attractions in Istanbul, it certainly deserves a spot on your list.


Hagia Sophia ( Aya Sofya )

Known as one of Istanbul’s top tourist attractions, the Hagia Sophia’s dome is one of the most iconic symbols of the city. Also known as the Church of Holy Wisdom during its early life, it was later converted into a mosque during the Ottoman conquest. After that, in 1935, it was converted into a museum. Around July 2020, it reverted into a mosque. Moreover, Turkish government officials guaranteed that the Hagia Sophia remains open for everyone.


Topkapi Palace

During the rule of the Ottoman Empire, the Topkapi Palace served as the official residence of the sultans for almost four centuries. Also known as Topkapi Sarayi in Turkish, which means "Cannon Gate Palace", this tourist attraction has a rich and luxurious design. For instance, courtyards with detailed hand-painted tile work, gorgeously decorated rooms and marble staircases. Also, the palace holds other highlights. First is the Harem. This is where the sultan's concubines and children spend their days. Then there’s the Second Courtyard where you can find the palace kitchen and the Imperial Council Chamber. Next is the Third Courtyard which contains the sultan's private rooms and the Imperial Treasury. Lastly, the Fourth Courtyard, known as the Tulip Garden, serves as the sultan's inner sanctum.


Istanbul Archeological Museum

Want to know more about the history of Istanbul? You’ll certainly need to include this on your itinerary. Established as Müze-i Humayun (Empire Museum) by Osman Hamdi Bey during the end of 19th century, the Istanbul Archeological Museum was then opened to the public in June 1891. The place consists of three separate sections - firstly, the Museum of the Ancient Orient, secondly, the main which is also the Archeology Museum, and lastly, the Tiled Pavilion of Mehmet the Conqueror.


Grand Bazaar

Our list for things to do in Istanbul wouldn't be complete without some shopping. During the 15th century, the Grand Bazaar, also known as Kapali Çarsi, was an important trading centre. Moreover, it is one of the largest indoor marketplaces in the world with almost 5,000 shops to date. Certainly, you can find various stuff from old coins and jewelry with precious gems to even antique furniture. Therefore, travellers looking for souvenirs will definitely love this place.


That's it for our list! There are still a lot of attractions that you can visit in Istanbul. The important thing is to explore the city and immerse yourself to their rich traditional culture. So, what are you waiting for? Grab your things, pack your bags, and book your flight with us. Also, don't forget to sign up for our newsletter and be updated with the latest travel offers and deals!